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05.2016 Planning of a 247 t/d MSW Plant, South America
03.2016 Conception of a MSW plant, 700 t/d, Asia
03.2016 Contract for the support to get the bank financing of different biogas plants
01.2016 Due Dilligence of a fat recycling plant
12.2015 Due Dilligence of a existing biogas plant in Germany for Investors
10.2015 Collaboration on a funding application for a biomass plant
08.2015 Conception for a waste plant for a island staate in 3D
05.2015 Permission planning of a 700 Nm³ biomethan biogas plant
04.2015 Permissio- an d building planning of a 150 kW biogas plant
03.2015 Construction management for an industrial project, CAPEX 15 Mio. €, construction start
02.2015 Carrying out tender for earthworks and civil works for an industrial project CAPEX 5 Mio. €
01.2015 Project management for an investor taking over a 3 MW biogas plant
12.2014 Feasibility study for a biogas plant running on waste materials with sewage sludge drying and fats extraction from organic waste
10.2014 Utilization concept for industrial sewage sludge
09.2014 Construction Management for a slaughterhouse waste treament plant in France
08.2014 Permits planning for a fats recycling plant
06.2014 Planning the optimization of a slaughterhouse waste treament plant in France
05.2014 Support with the commissioning of a sewage sludge drying plant
03.2014 Permits planning for an industrial project in Saxony, Germany
02.2014 Carrying out tender for an industrial plant, CAPEX 15 Mio. €
11.2013 Technical optimization for a fats recycling plant
06.2013 Carrying out tender for an industrial plant, CAPEX 15 Mio. €
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